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Melloxy® is a brand new patented formula that combines the benefits of honey and the OXY gel. A mixture of selected multi flower mountain honey (similar as in the Melladerm® Plus) and ozonated vegetable olive oil (Similar as the OXY) has been proven to have excellent antibacterial (bacteriostatic) and healing powers. The Melloxy® formula makes a soft ointment that is claimed to be almost painless. The 40% honey in the Melloxy® wound ointment has characteristics unique for wound healing and the bacteriostatic effect is extra safeguarded by the presence of the ozonated oil (11%). The pH of the Melloxy is 4 and has a peroxide value that is 10 times more than an average peroxide honey.

A thin applied layer on regular gauze, Tulle or Foam is enough for optimal effect. Changing the dressing once a day or once every two days will suffice. The ointment will not adhere to the wound.

The bacteriostatic effect of Melloxy is explained by the low pH, high osmolarity and the oxidative environment.

Honey and olive oil was already known as a excellent wound healing product since the ancient times.

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Melloxy 50gram

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Case 1:  Female, Age 71, mild arterial insufficiency/ infection after tauma in surgically healed wound.    Melloxy & SanoSkin Cleanser.

large infected wound due to trauma (on old incision) was  debrided and treated with Melloxy and cleaned with SanoSkin Cleanser.

It took 9 weeks to full healing. and wound was treated with Melloxy

Wound was cleaned with SanoSkin Cleanser.

Case 2: Mixed Arterial / Venous ulcer that was very painful and difficult to heal. We treated the wound initially with Melladerm Plus, but the patient complained about pain and the doctor switched to Melloxy. This was much better for the patient and the wound did heal within 6 weeks. No compression therapy was used.

case 3: A 74 year old Male diabetes patient developed a chronic wound after a small trauma. The local physician decided to use Melloxy®. The fibrine and necrosis disappeared rapidly and the wound did heal completely in 8 weeks. The secondary dressing was SanoSkin® Foam.  

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