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The cosmetics and foodsupplements are manufactured by Natural Sales a division of SanoMed Manufacturing  bv. During the  30 years of Natural Sales existence several brand names were added. Each of this brands represents specialized products. Click on the side bar to explore these products. The mission of Natural Sales is creating products that are made of natural ingredients. That is how we distinguish ourselves for over 30 years from other companies. Our products are all based on active ingredients from the beehive such as; honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Been Pollen and the active substances of the  Aloe Vera leave. Next to this we use pure natural oils.  The combination of these natural substances is the backbone of our products

We are not allowed to make specific claims due to the  European legislation, but we have our customers who we could satisfy for over 30 years to still use our products. The only claim we make is that once you use our products you will come for more!

Orders are processed by web shop: www.naturalsales.nl 

 If you would like to test our products before buying, you can ask for a test package or for more information. Please send us an e mail ( info@naturalsales.nl ) and give us your full post address en specify what products you would like to receive and test.

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