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SanoSkin® First is developed for a quick and efficient treatment of small superficial wounds. SanoSkin® First is a transparent Hydro gel sheet that is able to absorb excess exudate up to 15 times its own weight. It will create a moist wound healing environment and acts bacteriostatic (stops growth of bacteria in the wound). It is covered by a poly urethane film + overlap border and therefore acts as an antibacterial barrier.  The special design allows the patient to shower and even swim. The dressing can stay on the wound for several days and allows visual inspection without removing the dressing. The moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) of the hydro gel is 1020 g/m²/24 hours. This dressing is ideal for small burns, abrasions and cuts. The size is 74 x 45 mm (with PU overlap), oval shaped, and is packed in a box of 5.

SanoSkin® First is easy to apply on any wound and can stay up to 8 days !

Swimming, showering, bathing is possible.

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SanoSkin FIRST

1 oval dressing 74 x 45 mm

5 dressings

Case 1: Small superficial burn wounds can also be dressed with SanoSkin® First. This hot water burn located at the elbow is after cooling and drying treated with SanoSkin® First and left for 5 days. Even this difficult to dress localizations can be treated with the island dressing. Wound is kept moist and bacteria are killed by the hydro gel (the island part of the dressing).

Case 2: Superficial abrasion wound in an in line skating champion (photos taken by RED CROSS Belgium, during European championship August 2007)

Wound was cleaned with SanoSkin Cleanser. Then a cotton gauze was used to dry the surrounding skin before applying a SanoSkin First. 

After 24 hours (picture 3 ) the hydro gel part of the dressing is saturated with blood, but still intact.

Picture 4 shows the moment when the dressing was removed.  It clearly shows the saturated gel.

Further treatment was simple, clean the wound and reapply a new SanoSkin First dressing.

Now the dressing could stay 4 days.  Then the wound was enough healed to leave it open to the air.

Case 3: Wound due to fall during inline skating. location chin. 

Wound has been cleaned with SanoSkin Cleanser and dressed with SanoSkin First. Wound is checked again after 48 hours. Wound is healing and closing

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