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The SanoSkin®OXY consists of vegetable ozonated oil. SanoSkin®OXY has strong antimicrobial properties because it contains ozonides. Ozone is known to kill E. coli 3125 times faster that Chlorine and is used in a variety of industrial processes. (Chemical Technology An Encyclopaedic treatment, Vol 1, New York: Barnes & Noble Inc., 1968, p 82-83).   In  1904 Nicolas Tesla, started to produce ozonated oil know as Glycozone, many scientific articles were published about its use in wounds. SanoSkin®OXY is a gentle gel that is able to create a moist wound healing environment. It will facilitate wound debridement and due to the presence of ozonides it will act bacteriostatic (will stop growth of bacteria in wound).  To cover the wound SanoSkin® Foam can be used as a secondary dressing. Available as 30 gram tubes. The SanoSkin®OXY is also an excellent product to treat acne, eczema, and fissures.

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SanoSkin-OXY 30 gram

1 tube à 30 g

 24 x 1 tube

Case: Female 73 years with  skin tears was treated with SanoSkin®OXY and was fully healed and closed after 50 days. Wound was covered with SanoSkin Foam and irrigated and cleaned with SanoSkin® Cleanser.

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Case: Patient with necrotizing fasciitis treated during one month with SanoSkin®OXY. The SanoSkin®OXY was used to disinfect the wound.  The wound is cleaned and ready for a skin graft.

Dormant venous ulcer was treated for months with Betadin and did not heal. SanoSkin®OXY was used and the wound started to heal. It took 39 days till complete healing. Compression therapy was a part of the treatment.

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